Ella is my best friend of twelve years, we find most joy exploring the enchanted Scottish landscape freely with one another. Although living in different cities, a date would be a set with a fresh location to explore. The celestial vastness of the land creates a specific quality that opens our perceptions outward and into heightened wondrous relief. This elemental work has shaped over the last three years within these slower, deeper experiences of connection.


I transcend my feelings through the camera to shape a story of the landscape and Ella and create a totality of these time/spaces. It is shaped from nature's angle to translate the direct experience and form meaning through its view. Ella's sense of balance is maintained through her interaction with nature. Ella feels in a reciprocal relationship with the land, she performs the landscape and the land mutually performs her. Her body becomes a vessel that is in direct exchange and harmony with each environment.


Each portrait of Ella is paired with a landscape, imbued with earth, air, wind and fire. Collectively, the landscapes form an earth body. The landscapes step into Ella and reflect her, they are alive and ensouled. I connect them together to create a holism of Ella, the depth of this holism is only understood by the many unique experiences brought together. Both the landscape and Ella become one through mutual respect.