British environmental, fashion and documentary photographer based between London and Glasgow.

My work is a play of time, space and story. My process is made up of exploratory experiences and an open dialogue between myself, subject and the surrounding environment. I work with what is local to the body, as it is a space you perform yourself and your understanding of the world. 


I use space, texture and colour to transcend a particular feeling or quality in myself that has responded to a feeling or quality found in the subject and the environment around me. This reciprocates from subject, to myself and outward into the environment to shape individual characters and tell a story of each experience.

I pick up on different voices, presences and perspectives in my direct experiences and reflect on these. It is my intention to show humanity as part of the world and not separate from nature. Through this unity I also intend to reveal the diversity of each individual through their own story. 


I follow nature. I see nature as alive and ensouled in the same way the body is so it is important there is a mutualism between both within my imagery. My vision sees human activity not at the centre of natural and built environments but in balance and coherence with other living systems.

  Fine Art Photography, BA (Hons), Glasgow School of Art, Scotland
2017 British Journal of Photography
2019 Zeit Wissen
2019 The Skinny 
2020 Artmag UK
2019 Zoe Ward Carole Collection
2019  Jo Gordon SS19 Campaign.
2019  Jo Gordon AW19 Campaign.
2019 Ella, NHS Edinburgh and Lothian Collection, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, Scotland.
2020 Mary Hope Scott Trust Art in Healthcare Collection, Edinburgh, Scotland.
2017 Selected as one of British Journal of Photography’s Portraits of Britain.
2017 British Journal of Photography's Send Anywhere Award, Shortlisted.
2018 Bloom Publisher’s People’s Prize Award.
2019 Eizo Colour Award, Shortlisted. 
2019 The Royal Scottish Academy New Contemporaries Invitation to Exhibit.
2019 Society of Scottish Artists Award.
2019 The Skinny Magazine Cover Artist, Issue 166, Distributed through Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee, Scotland.
Upcoming Exhibition: 
2020 Society of Scottish Artists Annual Exhibition, RSA, Edinburgh, Scotland.
2020 The Royal Scottish Academy New Contemporaries, RSA, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Past Group Exhibitions:
2017 British Journal of Photography's Portrait Of Britain, UK Wide in partnership with JCDecaux and Nikon.
2017 Land Arts of the American West, John Sommers Gallery, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
2018 From Top to Bottom, Cass Art, Glasgow, Scotland.
2018 From Top to Bottom, The Brunswick, Leeds, Scotland.
2018 White Rabbit, WASPS Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland.
2018 Who Are These Invisible Clouds, Santa Fe Art Institute, New Mexico, USA.
2018 Sirens, House For An Art Lover, Glasgow, Scotland.
2018 Rooted, Where People Sleep, Glasgow, Scotland.
2019 The Lips Ball, DIY Space, London.
2019 The Colour Of Flight, Stow College, Glasgow School of Art Degree Show, Scotland.
2019 Ella, NHS Edinburgh and Lothian Collection, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, Scotland.
2019 Futureproof, Street Level Photoworks, Dunoon Burgh Halls, Dunoon, Scotland.