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This photograph was taken in Dot's garden whilst Benny flew into landing onto Dot's stick from the sky. Benny's boundaries blur into the great sky becoming saturated into its limitless blue.


Dot and Benny became familiar with myself after I became interested in a community who free fly their parrot companions in the UK, meaning they are no longer limited to the cage but fly for hours in the open before returning to their carer.


After a few visits to see Dot, we became friends and I was able to gain more understanding of her strong connection to Benny her blue and gold winged macaw. Dot describes the feeling of watching Benny free fly as her well being.


She describes the sensation as the ‘nearest thing she can get to heaven’ and ‘a very spiritual experience when you see a great angel hovering right above you’. Parrots can live up the one hundred years old and Benny accompanies Dot everywhere.

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